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Family Connections™ is a 12-week program for relatives of a loved one with borderline personality disorder. For full information, go to the Family Connections™ landing page. To apply for the program, please complete the form below.

Please note there is not a program in every location in the country and so you may want to consider Tele-Connections, a version of the course conducted via weekly conference calls. This form also includes an option for sign up for Tele-Connections.

Canadian applicants: please click here to register for Family Connections classes directly from your country affiliate, The Sashbear Foundation.

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We thank you for your registration - every family is important to us, and we know the burden this illness creates for your family. Please be assured that you will be offered the first possible opening in the class nearest you or in a TeleConnection or weekend class, according to your preference. We have a very limited staff and the growth of the program exceeds our ability for more personalized contact at this time.